The XoByte miniSpark™ allows a Personal Computer in the form of a notebook, desktop or mini-computer to be connected to a car, boat or home electrical power system. miniSpark™ manages power sequencing of multiple devices including PCs, touch screens, cameras among others by utilizing wake events from personal electronics, alarm systems, ignition/accessory switches, etc...

An automotive/marine-grade custom enclosure protects the unit from accidental impact and extreme temperatures.

12V DC battery input with fuse protection and voltage suppression ensures the unit can tolerate current and voltage spikes common to automotive & marine electrical systems.


The integrated Ethernet port is used to turn the Personal Computer ON or OFF and for PC configuration and status communication.  miniSpark™ implements the Industry Ethernet standard, Wake-On-LAN (WOL) packets for system Start-Up.


miniSpark™ supports two fully software programmable General Purpose outputs. They can be used with external relays to control the supply of power to a variety of devices. Devices connected to this interface can be programmed to turn on or off.

miniSpark™ User Guide


Additional features include:

  • Graphic-based Software Tools for User Configuration & System Monitoring

  • PC Start-Up Control via Ethernet Wake-On-LAN packet or ACPI Connector

  • PC Shut-Down or Hibernate Control via Ethernet Command Packet or ACPI Connector

  • Programmable Start-up/Shut-down delay

  • Firmware upgrade capable

  • Drives two independent 12Volt DC relays for sequencing other electronics

  • Monitors two independent inputs which can be used for Start-Up/Shut-Down control or driving the relay outputs

  • XoByte Application Programming Interface (API) provided to allow you to integrate miniSpark functionality into custom software applications.